Edmond Bardhi

Ann Arbor, MI

Edmond was exposed to a large variety of music from visiting and local DJs in Ann Arbor. DJing regularly at different events there has allowed him to develop a rich style full of rhythmical presence and lyrical complexity. Throughout the night, Edmond manages the flow of energy to enhance the dancers’ connection by being versatile and attentive. He keeps the crowd energized with playful cortinas and by strategically infusing subtle contrast in his music.

Koichiro Suzuki

Pittsburgh, PA

Koichiro Suzuki has a Master’s Degree in Performance Music at Duquesne University and performs with the internationally renowned River City Brass Band, the only active professional brass band in the United States. Koichiro incorporates his complex music background and deep understanding of musicality into his DJing.

Koichiro DJs regularly at milongas in Pittsburgh, and has DJed in other cities in the United States and Canada. In addition, the past few years, Koichiro was invited to DJ in Buenos Aires at Milonga Tango Club, Club Fulgor, Villa Crespo and Tango en Huracan, Club Atletico Milonguero, Parque Patricios.

Jean-Sebastien Viard

Montreal, QC

Jean-Sebastien turned to Tango after many years of Salsa, Ballroom and Latin dances, and quickly grew into a strongly committed and very musical social dancer. The beauty and complexity of Tango music motivated him to learn more about it and to understand what was involved in DJing. Jean-Sebastien now teaches and DJs in Montreal on a regular basis. He has been Redlight milonga‘s resident DJ through 2014-15 and had many opportunities to DJ abroad (Boston, Toronto and Paris are a few examples). He is skilled in setting up strictly traditional tango evenings, as well as mixed-music events. He is known to bring only high quality music, selected mostly out of the Golden Age repertoire, arranged with careful balance through the evening and a particular concern for the dancers’ creative and emotional experiences.

Ivan Aleksandrov

Ottawa, ON

Ivan has recently immigrated from Russia to Canada and currently resides in Ottawa. He has been dancing for many years and right from the very start of his tango journey Ivan was always excited and interested in tango music. He started collecting tango music and djing followed soon after.
An evening as a DJ is always an unknown adventure for him just like is every dance. He loves all the traditional and classical tangos with temperament and passion and apreeciates the modern orchestras with new forms of expression for our time.
For him as a DJ, the most important thing is to create an amazing energy at the milongas, to keep the dance floor always full and to make sure that the dancers are having fun dancing to his music!

Alberto Ramos Cordero

Cleveland, OH

Alberto plays devastating Di Sarlis, punchy Puglieses, and friendly Fresedos! Over the course of an evening he works to create a warm energetic environment while keeping a watchful eye on the dancers and the room. He is one of the founders of The Cleveland Tango School. Based out of New York and the Caribbean before moving to the midwest, Alberto has taught at the Hunter College Tango Club, New York’s You Should Be Dancing studios, and worked on staff at the Piel Canela Dance Company. In Puerto Rico he taught alongside the teachers and performers of Y Entonces Tango. He has also volunteered and trained at the Mark Morris Dance Company in Brooklyn. He DJ’s frequently throughout the United States and Latin America. His tandas focus primarily on tango’s Golden Age.