Welcome to the 3rd Annual Toronto Tango Marathon

Thank you to all those who attended the Marathon in 2014. It was a great success.
Especial thanks to the visitors.

See you all in January, 2015!


Mathieu Brossard, Montreal, QC
Burak Ozkosem, Montreal, QC
Travis Widrick, Buffalo, NY
Edmond Bardhi, Ann Arbor, MI
Berenice Gonsen, Toronto, ON
Artur Paulo, Portugal



The Toronto Tango Marathon is organized by Elizabeth Sadowska, the organizer of the Annual Toronto Tango Festival which has been held in Toronto on the 2nd weekend in June for the last 10 years and is the biggest and most popular tango event in Toronto.

Elizabeth has been involved in the Toronto Tango community since 1995 and has been organizing events ever since. The Toronto Tango Marathon promises to be an amazing event.